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ULI MINOGGIO grew up in
Berlin, where he studied art history and took a master’s degree in English and
French at Freie Universität Berlin. He now lives in New York, where he works as a freelance translator and paints works on paper and canvas.

Artist’s Statement



I don’t come from an art school background. Therefore I struggle with the ‘concept’, the harmonies, and the composition – if I allow myself to think about it too much. There is always a ‘too much’ and sometimes it seems that most of my intellectual/conceptual energies in the creative process are spent on avoiding the ‘contrived’. Think one must. I guess the idea of the creative person who happens to be a genius and whose creations just flow from their pens, brushes, cameras or musical instruments is a myth. For me I try to merge the intellectual process with feasting on colors, glue, paints and surfaces.

My art instruction, aside from my wonderful teachers in Berlin and New York, has been traveling to the major museums of the world (in reality and inside art books) and getting inspired by old and new masters, trying to feel and grasp what makes them ‘tick’.


And then, I sometimes wonder what art is really good for aside from helping me cope in this life that I was given...  I see so much art in the galleries and I get overwhelmed and I ask myself, should I really be one more in the business of covering surfaces with paint?


Nonetheless, I am looking for that discussion with myself (not as statement) and with others. I would be flattered and delighted if just any of my work would invite someone else to ponder and feel, not necessarily what I thought or felt when I created it. I don’t believe in L’Art Pour L’Art for myself; I want a story, a recollection, a connection with life, with past and current events to unfold, even in the abstract work. I also like to make a statement with a picture, but would want the viewers to freely come up with completely different ideas than mine or with interpretations if not stories of their own.



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